In this chapter we deal with one of the countries that are part of the Seven Municipalities Plateau, a lively and welcoming place: Lusiana.

Lusiana is a municipality that is located in the southernmost part of the Asiago plateau and faces directly to the Vicenza plain. Precisely because of this strategic position between the plains and the mountains, during the First World War it was the theater, in addition to numerous battles, also of numerous passages of military convoys.

The years that followed the Great War, made of hunger and poverty, were really hard, so much so that there was a very strong emigration of the population to the United States and South America.

Today, to remember this difficult period and all the people forced to leave their homeland, the “Festival of the Emigrant” takes place annually. The municipality is divided into numerous districts, including the most famous Velo, where the above mentioned first party is celebrated and Campana, which houses the oldest bell in the Veneto region (1388).

Finally, the village of Santa Caterina, near to Gomarolo, famous for the Gnocchi festival, which takes place between July and August.

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