In this chapter we discuss the famous and characteristic village of Enego, destination of many tourists for summer or winter holidays.

Enego - Seven Municipalities Plateau

The municipality of Enego is the easternmost of the Asiago plateau and overlooks the Valsugana and the right bank of the river Brenta. Precisely because of this position, over time, it became the first territory of the Romans, then fiefdom of the bishops of Padua and, finally, of the Ezzelini.

Top attractions are the beautiful church of Santa Giustina that stands on the highest point of the village and can be reached through a long staircase in biancone marble. Inside we can admire the altarpiece painted by Jacopo da Ponte dedicated to Santa Giustina. Country festival: the last days of September takes place the “Santa Giustina Festival”, accompanied by the transhumance of herds of cattle, who return to the plains after the summer months.

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