Conco and Gomarolo

In this chapter we deal with a characteristic territory with strong traditions, located along the road that leads to the plateau, the municipalities of Conco and Gomarolo.

Conco and Gomarolo - Seven Municipalities Plateau

Conco is another small town on the plateau that is not part of the “Spectacular Regency of the Seven Municipalities”. Today is a small and charming village, which was in the past the protagonist of both the Great War and the Second World War, especially during the “Liberation” phase. For this reason is one of the 44 Italian cities awarded the Gold Medal of Military Valour.

It is one of the few cities to have retained its original appearance despite the bombing, Church of St. Mary of the Snows and St. Mark, built between 1536 and 1539. Here you can appreciate, in addition to the frescoes in the central nave, its altars in local marbles and the wooden depictions of the Virgin and St. Mark in the presbytery area, which are among the few to be preserved throughout the plateau. Part of Conco, are the small hamlets of Fontanelle, Rubbio and Gomorolo.

The latter suffered the greatest consequences of the First World War. At that time, in fact, the powder magazine that supplied the entire plateau lay right here and, on the night of October 24th, 1918, the Austrian enemy hit the powder magazine with a cannon shot from Monte Ortigara, destroying much of the town .

The small and wonderful church dedicated to Santa Barbara was built in memory of this episode. Furthermore, every year, on the first Sunday after October 24th, a celebration is held in memory of that night. Conco country festival: from the last days of July to the 5th of August the “Festa della Madonna della Neve” is celebrated, patron saint of the town.

Gomarolo country festival: It is a big party that takes place on the 2nd Sunday of August and is famous, above all, for the “Vicenza-style codfish” (Baccalà alla Vicentina). Fontanelle Country festival: it is known as “Sagra del Ciclamino” and takes place in mid-August.

It is famous above all for spit-roasted meat. Rubbio country festival: known as “Sagra del Sedano” (“Celery festival”) usually takes place in the first days of September. During this festival you have the opportunity to taste several dishes, which are served and based on the celery cultivated directly in Rubbio.

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