In this chapter we are talking about Asiago, one of the most beautiful and attractive city on the seven municipalities plateau.


«Asiago: the smallest and brightest town of Italy»

with this sentence Gabriele D’Annunzio described well Asiago which has always been the most important town for the plateau and has become a reference point over the years.

Completely destroyed during the night of 18th May 1916, it was rebuilt in a short time after the end of all hostilities. Moreover, Asiago is also among the Cities awarded the Gold Medal of Military Valour for the Italian Liberation War together with Conco. Both cities were awarded for the great resistance but, above all, for the great and priceless loss of human lives.

Just to remember all the victims of the Great War, in 1932, the Military Shrine of Asiago, better known as Ossuary, was built on Mount Leiten to house the remains of 54,286 Italian and Austro-Hungarian soldiers of World War I, over 33.000 unknown soldiers and 3 soldiers of World War II.

Unfortunately not all the remains were found, most of them are still scattered in many areas around the plateau. Over time, however, the Military Shrine of Asiago has become, together with the ones of Pasubio, Monte Grappa and Tonezza del Cimone, symbol of the province of Vicenza.

Currently Asiago, with its many districts and its only hamlet, Sasso, is a lively country, rich in events both in summer and winter, which continually seeks to renew itself and grow to meet any need. We cannot forget that this country is the homeland of Mario Rigoni Stern, first Alpine and then great writer, and the famous Asiago D.O.P. Cheese.Top attractions: Cathedral of San Matthew (patron of the city), built with the typical pink marble of Asiago.

Inside there are the two shovels of great value that represent “The Most Holy Virgin between the Saints Matthew and John”, and “St. Anthony the Abbot between St. Justin, St. Lucia and St. Rocco on one side, and S. Vito and S. Modesto on the other side”.


Asiago country festival: On September 21th, Asiago celebrates its patron San Matthew, with a small country festival. Sasso country festival: In this quite big district, famous for the staircase made up of 4,444 steps that connects directly to Valstagna, takes place during the weekends of the second half of June, the merry festival of Saint Anthony.

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