Seven Municipalities Plateau

In this chapter we deal with a surprising territory in the summer and a very welcoming place in the winter: the Seven Municipalities Plateau.

Seven Municipalities Plateau

We have divided the Seven Municipalities Plateau into the following chapters:

Asiago - Seven Municipalities Plateau


Just to remember all the victims of the Great War, in 1932, the Military Shrine of Asiago, better known as Ossuary, was built on Mount Leiten to house the  Continue…

Roana - Seven Municipalities Plateau


Always linked to Gallio are the “Melette”, a group of mountain ranges whose highest peak is Monte Fior with its 1824 meters. Although today they represent a   Continue...

Conco and Gomarolo - Seven Municipalities Plateau

Conco and Gomarolo

It is one of the few cities to have retained its original appearance despite the bombing, Church of St. Mary of the Snows and St. Mark, built between 1536 and  Continue...

Lusiana - Seven Municipalities Plateau


Today, to remember this difficult period and all the people forced to leave their homeland, the “Festival of the Emigrant” takes place  Continue...

Marcesina - Seven Municipalities Plateau


But will there still be lovers who on a winter’s night, would let themselves be pulled on a sleigh by a generous horse across the plain of Marcesina soaked in moonlight?  Continue...

Enego - Seven Municipalities Plateau


Top attractions are the beautiful church of Santa Giustina that stands on the highest point of the village and can be reached through  Continue...

Foza - Seven Municipalities Plateau


Also worth seeing is the small church of San Francesco, a place where the advance of the Austrian army once stopped. Peculiarities:  Continue…

Roana - Seven Municipalities Plateau


Famous for the Lonaba pond, visited both in summer and winter, it is remembered above all for the “Forte Verena”, built on the  Continue…

Rotzo - Seven Municipalities Plateau


These particular potatoes are included in the PAT list, that is in traditional agro-food products. Top event: the “Potato Festival”   Continue...

Monte Ortigara - Seven Municipalities Plateau

Mount Ortigara

This conflict lasted between 10 and 29 June 1917 between the Italian army and the Austro-Hungarian army, days in which thousands of Alpini  Continue…

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