Villa Saraceno

In this chapter we discuss another work of the architect Andrea Palladio, located in the countryside of the lower Vicenza area, Villa Saraceno.

Villa Saraceno, located in the isolated countryside of Vicenza, has perfectly preserved the structure and functionality that the sixteenth-century clients had thought for it. In fact, this work was designed by Andrea Palladio around 1548 for Biagio Saraceno, a prominent public man, who asked the architect to renovate a pre-existing agricultural court.

The use of the stone is limited to the frames of the windows and the gates, a choice that emphasizes the simplicity of the whole structure, while its interior develops around a central hall in a T-shape. Since 1989 the structure is owned by the British foundation The Landmark Trust, which took care of the restoration, so that in 1996 it became part of the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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