Villa Pisani Bonetti

In this chapter we discuss one of the most elegant villas in the Vicenza area, located near the city of Lonigo, the Villa Pisani Bonetti.

Villa Pisani Bonetti is located about thirty kilometers away from Vicenza, in the hamlet of Bagnolo, in the municipality of Lonigo, between the vineyards and the cultivation of the wonderful Berici Hills. It is one of the most significant architectures of Andrea Palladio, who designed it in 1542 for the Pisani brothers, who at the time were one of the most powerful Venetian families, who administered the lands and rice fields of the nearby lands.

Villa Pisani Bonetti

The construction of Villa Pisani represents a turning point for the young architect, with a consequent leap in the scale of commissions, until then based especially in the Vicenza area. Palladio’s project immediately proved to be very ambitious, as it aimed to create an elegant country house suitable for the refined tastes of the Pisani brothers, but which, at the same time, also had to be functional for agricultural work and introduced in the world of architecture the concept of profit and pleasure.

Like a Roman temple, the villa stands on a base that gives impetus to the building while inside we can find notable pictorial decorations that treat the “Metamorphosis of Ovidio” by Francesco Torbido, dialoguing with the space and enhancing its monumentality.

  • Info Villa Pisani Bonetti
  • Place: Bagnolo - Vicenza
  • Address: via Risaie 1
  • Phone: 0444 831104
  • Timetables: from 9:00 to 6:00