Villa Godi

In this chapter we will discuss one of the masterpieces of architecture Andrea Palladio, located in the green hills of Lugo di Vicenza, Villa Godi.

Included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 1996 with the other Palladian villas, Villa Godi, is located in Lonedo di Lugo in the Vicenza area and, it seems to have been one of the first works by Andrea Palladio, at least as reported by Venetian architect in his treatise “I Quattro Libri dell’Architettura” (Four Books of Architecture) of 1570.

The renovations began by the will of Enrico Antonio Godi, who began with the construction of a Doric barchessa in the courtyard on the left, and then abandoned the works, in 1537, in the hands of Palladio.

From 1540 onwards the interiors were decorated thanks to the wise hands of Gualtiero Padovano who frescoed the loggia and the right wing of the building. These frescoes, still well preserved, are so detailed as to make us understand how different the landscapes and the surrounding environment were. Little curiosity: Villa Godi is located a few meters away from Villa Lugo, a building that most probably can always be attributed to Palladio.

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