Palladian Villas

In this chapter we talk about the wonderful Palladian Villas, world heritage of the Vicenza area, designed by architect Andrea Palladio.

We have divided the Palladian Villas into the following chapters:

Villa Angarano

Villa Angarano - Vicenza

The villa has been on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites since 1996, along with other Palladian villas in the Veneto region. Do not miss the traditional Grape Festival...

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Villa Godi

Villa Godi - Palladian Villas

From 1540 onwards the interiors were decorated thanks to the wise hands of Gualtiero Padovano who frescoed the loggia and the right wing of the building.

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Villa Piovene

Villa Piovene - Vicenza

The central part of the building was built in 1539 on a project by Andrea Palladio, but it was only in the second half, in the mid-eighteenth century that the architect Francesco...

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Villa Caldogno

Villa Caldogno - Vicenza

Losco Caldogno, the client, was an aristocrat from Vicenza and a great silk merchant and in 1541 he inherited an agricultural court and numerous fields near Caldogno.

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Villa Almerico Capra

Villa Almerico Capra - Palladian Villas

Isolated at the top of a hill the villa is , at the same time, a solid but also elegant structure, in harmony with the landscape that surrounds it, perfectly reflecting the humanist...

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Villa Pisani Bonetti

Villa Pisani Bonetti - Palladian Villas

The construction of Villa Pisani represents a turning point for the young architect, with a consequent leap in the scale of commissions, until then based especially in the Vicenza...

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Villa Pojana

Villa Pojana

The villa is one of the most popular villas of Palladio, it is simple, raised on a base and practically lacking in architectural elements in stone, like capitals, probably to contain costs.

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Villa Saraceno

Villa Saraceno - Palladian Villas

The use of the stone is limited to the frames of the windows and the gates, a choice that emphasizes the simplicity of the whole structure, while its interior develops around a...

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Villa Thiene

Villa Thiene - Palladian Villas

After the death of one of the brothers and the movement of family interests away from Vicenza, the villa was no longer completed, leaving the residential volume as the only memory...

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