In this chapter we discuss one of the most developed, curious and lively cities in the Valle del fiume Agno and in the Vicenza area, Valdagno.


During the Iron Age, it is possible that the area was inhabited by a population of Celtic origin, probably from the Cenomani Gauls, who had in Trissino the capital and some fortified villages in Valdagno. It is very probable, therefore, that the name of the Agno torrent can derive from ogno, which in the Celtic language indicates the ram, the horned God of the Celts.

It is possible, therefore, that over time and with the advent of Christianity, this particular mythological figure became a lamb in the Christian era, to the extent that it was later found in the symbol of Valdagno and in the patron San Clemente.

During the Republic of Venice, began for this town a period of great development in the craftsmanship of iron and wool that helped to consolidate the economy, to the extent that in the eighteenth century arose the first factories for the wool and silk processing. Later, in 1836, the Marzotto family will start a real industrial activity.

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