In this chapter we discuss about of the surprising, quiet and mysterious cities Trissino, set along the green valley of Agno.

Trissino - Vicenza

Going down the Valle dell’Agno you enter the territory of Trissino, whose history is intertwined with that of the homonymous family with Germanic origins to which belonged the humanist cardinal who discovered Andrea Palladio. During the enlargement of the old cemetery in the city in 1981, a wall of about twenty meters came to light, a “dolium”, a large food container made of earthenware and other ceramic material dating back to the period of the second iron age, from fifth to first century BC.

Among the materials found, was also found a fragment of torque, or a necklace twisted with silver knots, of great value. It is a characteristic ornament of the Celtic people, who inhabited the Region of Venezia Giulia. Villa Trissino Marzotto is definitely worth visiting.

It is a majestic and enchanting building which stands on the ruins of an ancient castle, built under commission of the Trissino Germanic family. In 1700 it was transformed into a villa by the architect Francesco Muttoni, who also took care of the gardens, from which there is a splendid view of the Agno valley.

The villa preserves frescoes on the inside, a collection of tapestries made by the Belgian school Willem de Pannemaker around 1550, drawings by Raphael and Giulio Romano and a picture gallery with the Macchiaoli collection. An event not to be missed is the famous “Festa del Gnocco”, a gastronomic event held in Selva di Trissino, from late August and early September.

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