The Pasubio

In this chapter we’re taking about the spectacular mountain range that passes through the Pasubio from the Little Dolomites to the Folgaria plateau.

The Pasubio - Vicenza

The Pasubio is a limestone massif between the borders of Vicenza and Trento that connects the Little Dolomites with the Folgaria Plateau and is remembered above all for the bitter fighting that took place during the First World War. You should definitely see and walk through the road of the 52 Galleries or Strada della Prima Armata, a military mule track built during the First World War.

The road, protected from the Austro-Hungarian artillery, is characterized by deep gorges, spiers and rocky walls and twists and turn between Bocchetta Campiglia (1216 m) and the gates of the Pasubio (1934 m), crossing the southern slope of the mountain.

You should not missed the Ossuary of Pasubio, a monument dedicated to the fallen of the First World War which is located on the Bellavista hill, about 2 kilometers from Pian delle Fugazze. The Ossuary of Pasubio, together with the Ossuary of Monte Grappa, Tonezza del Cimone and Asiago appears in one of the four quarters of the coat of arms which represents the province of Vicenza.

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