Recoaro Terme

In this chapter we discuss one of the most famous, quiet and characteristic cities of the province of Vicenza, Recoaro Terme.

Known for its elegant Art Nouveau architecture and its waters, Recoaro Terme was dominated first by the Scaligeri family, then by the Visconti and finally, in the fifteenth century by the Republic of Venice. Only in 1689, the year in which Count Lelio Piovene discovered the mineral waters, there was the first and true development for the town.

The real success, however, came in the nineteenth century, when there was a real growth linked to the curative exploitation of water thanks to the domination of the Hapsburg Empire. With the second world war the city became the seat of the Nazi command which, understanding the importance of the source, began the bottling of the water. Today the oligominerals are used for trade and mineral waters for the spas.

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