Villa Francanzan

In this chapter we discuss one of the most fascinating and characteristic villas in the province of Vicenza, Villa Francanzan Piovene.

Villa Francanzan, considered one of the most beautiful villas in Veneto thanks to its characteristic colonnades and the extraordinary park in front, is located in Orgiano and was built in 1700 by Francesco Muttoni on a 40-hectare estate. Its prestigious interior is characterized by halls and large dining rooms with furniture, dishes and services that recall the lifestyle of the past centuries.

A visit to the historic kitchen is certainly not to be missed, decorated with numerous copper fittings and a red marble sink, which Napoleon wanted to take with him to Louvre. The villa became an important literary salon and for a long time Elisabetta Turra Caminer (1751-1796) stayed there, the first woman journalist of the time known, above all, for her Enlightenment ideas.

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