Berici Hills

In this chapter we talk about the karst rock walls and the gentle hill slopes located south of Vicenza, the Berici Hills.

The Berici Hills are modest reliefs located south of Vicenza that reach a maximum of 445 meters.These heights are characterized by a continuous alternation of karstic rock walls and gentle hill slopes, which occupy a total area of ​​about 165 km.This mountainous outcrop, of volcanic origin, holds within it a natural jewel of infinite beauty, the Lake of Fimon, an important place of entertainment of the weekend form many locals.

Several Palladian country villas dominate the landscape of the Berici Hills, already framed by woods, vineyards and olive groves, designed and built for the landowners and for the Vicenza nobility. This area offers sport lovers many possibilities such as: cycling, trekking, climbing, fishing, horse riding and paragliding. Moreover, one can not fail to mention the superfine cuisine, enclosed in the typical Vicenza taverns, with its wide range of typical products, such as black truffles, peas, soft ham, radicchio, beers and grappa.

We have divided the Berici Hills into the following chapters:


Costozza - Berici Hills

An ancient agricultural village in the municipality of Longare, is surrounded by green hills and is characterized by...

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Lake Fimon

Lake Fimon - Berici Hills

Is a naturalistic place among the most beautiful and interesting of the Berici Hills. In particular, it is a 1.5 km...

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Villa Francanzan

Villa Francanzan - Berici Hills

Considered one of the most beautiful villas in Veneto thanks to its characteristic colonnades and the...

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Lonigo - Berici Hills

Is a small and charming town located on the border between the province of Verona and the green...

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Villa Pisani Bonetti

Villa Pisani - Berici Hills

Is located about thirty kilometers away from Vicenza, in the hamlet of Bagnolo, in the municipality...

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Mossano - Berici Hills

We can enjoy a pleasant and interesting walk, not very demanding, to discover the testimonies left over the...

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