The Mount Grappa

The Mount Grappa is 1775 meters high overlooking a vast plain that reaches the Adriatic, which on clear days shines in the distance.

The Massif of Mount Grappa

The Mount Grappa, 1775 meters, is the main peak of the homonymous mountain group and is located in the Venetian Pre-Alps between the Brenta canal, the Piave valley and the Feltre territory. The base of the massif consists of a steep and often eroded dolomite, which rises up to about 1000 meters, on which extend round bumps populated by typical houses and large woods. From the summit, instead, the ridges and green valleys descend more gently to Feltre.

Mount Grappa, scene of hard decisive battles during the First World War and some events in the Second World War, is known for the Military Memorial, in the central body there are the remains of 12615 Italian and Austro-Hungarian military soldiers of whom 10332 are still unknown.

This particular monument, completed in 1935, is composed of five concentric circles placed one on top of the other to form a pyramid, where the Sanctuary of the “Madonnina del Grappa” stands at the top.

Very famous then, is the Chapel of Mary Help of Christians, inaugurated on August 4, 1901. In particular, in the First World War, after the Italian defeat of Caporetto, the peak became the pivot of Italian defense, so much so that the Austrians tried unnecessarily several times to conquer it in order to gain access to the Veneto plain. The IV army was called to defend Mount Grappa and had fought on the Tofane and Col di Lana.

During the Second World War the Mount was used as a shelter for the partisan formations, so much so that one of the bloodiest raids by the Nazis and by the fascists loyal to the Republic of Salò was also carried out.

The fighters who were not killed on the spot were publicly hanged along the streets of the nearby Bassano del Grappa.

The Nazi-Fascists employed about 18,000 men in the operation, to find and deal with the 1500 partisans concealed in the villages and on the slopes of the mountain.

Today the presence of paths and tracks allows any person to practice different sports activities, from summer trekking to winter snowshoeing, from mountain biking to cross-country skiing. It is considered by cyclists one of the most beautiful climb in Italy, due to its length and its challenging height from any side you challenge it.

The free flight, much practiced, has found in the municipality of Borso del Grappa the ideal conditions, both for meteorological reasons that allow the development of ascension currents practically all year and also for a particularly stable climate which allows the flights to lasts several hours.

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