Located in the hills at the foot of the Asiago plateau, the city of Marostica will surprise you with its beauty as soon as you arrive there.

Marostica - Vicenza

Marostica is a town in the province of Vicenza located at the foot of the Asiago plateau. Its flat position but close to the mountains, has favored human settlements since prehistoric times. Over time it became the first Roman, then Lombard territory and, during the Middle Ages, it came, like the whole Veneto, invaded by the Huns.

It was however under the Republic of Serenissima, in 1400, that the city had a period of great urban and architectural renewal, especially as regards the sacred buildings. Moreover, Marostica is very famous for “The Castle”, a term used to describe the whole of the two castles, the “Upper Castle” and the “Lower Castle”, joined by a wall complex, about 1800 meters long.

The “Upper Castle” is square based, with a large central tower, it is located in the highest part of the city, as opposed to the “Lower Castle”, with a rectangular base, built next to a large tower.

The latter is located in front of the square, or the “Piazza degli Scacchi” (Chess Square) famous for the game of chess with living characters, which is celebrated every two years. It should be noted that in the northern part of the square stands the Palazzo del Doglione, a structure that once served as a toll gate.

A little curiosity: The Chess Game, tells the challenge between Rinaldo d’Angarano and Vieri da Vallonara, two young noblemen, who both fell in love with the beautiful Lionora. Taddeo Parisio, lord and governor of Marostica and, father of Lionora, didn’t allow the two noblemen to compete in a duel and ordered to play a game of chess.

The winner of the singular challenge would have married Lionora, while the one who had lost would have married his younger sister, Oldrada, thus becoming his relative. Good to know: Besides the historic chess game, Marostica organizes many events and festivals that attract tourists and various personalities.

Every first Sunday of the month, for example, there is a vintage festival exhibition and every first Sunday in June, the “Palio della Carettera” takes place, a nice race that starts from the Upper Castle, to get to the Lower one. When we talk about this beautiful city, we cannot fail to mention its typical product, the “Ciliegie di Marostica” (Marostica cherries) with I.G.P. brand.

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