San Pietro di Cariano

In this chapter we discuss one of the most characteristic, tipic and fascinating areas of Valpolicella, San Pietro di Cariano.

San Pietro di Cariano is located north of Pescantina and is curled up at the base of the hills between the farmhouses and the rows of vineyards. The area of ​​San Pietro di Cariano is rich in evidence of the Roman age, with several findings of remains of rustic houses found throughout the municipality, which was probably a residential area. Certainly not to be missed is one of the oldest and best preserved churches in the area, or the Romanesque church of San Floriano, (900 AD) that rises in the homonymous hamlet and is considered one of the most beautiful Romanesque churches in the province.

Today it has an imposing façade of tufa and a traditional structure with three naves, inside it preserves magnificent works, including a sculpture of the Madonna in adoration of her son and the canvas of the Madonna del Rosario of the sixteenth century. In addition to the church, the complex has a seventeenth-century kiosk and an important bell tower. In the hamlet of Pedemonte, moreover, we find the Villa of Santa Sofia, a Palladian construction of 1500 in the shape of a horseshoe, surrounded by a large park and an English garden. The building has two floors with Ionic columns that are inspired by the ancient Roman villas.

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