This chapter deals with one of the most characteristic areas of Valpolicella, surrounded by green hills and streams, Fumane.

Fumane, another small town in Valpolicella, is particular because it is surrounded by an expanse of vineyards and a very lush bush. It hides the small Sanctuary of the Madonna of La Salette which is suspended over a rocky niche behind Fumane on Mount Rivoli. Consecrated in 1864, this graceful sanctuary was built to ask for protection against the Madonna against downy mildew, a disease of the plants, which in the mid-nineteenth century destroyed a large part of the vineyards.

Along the road that leads to Molina we find the Riparo Solinas or known as the Caves of Fumane, here some scholars found numerous artifacts dating back to the Neanderthals (about 60,000 years ago) and early Homo Sapiens, (about 32,000 years ago ), is considered by many to be the most important site in Europe, for the long period of use and for its own characteristics. Finally Molina, is a classic stone village of Lessinia, and its name derives from the presence of the mills in the village and along the valley.

Near the village we find the Park of the Waterfalls of Molina, an ideal oasis for everyone, from adults to children, surrounded by lush greenery, between vertiginous rocky walls, large mysterious caverns and thundering waterfalls. They are located near the small medieval village of Molina, where time is still slow. The park offers various walking and walking trails, well-marked and with good maintenance.

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