Torri del Benaco

In this chapter we discuss the area surrounding Torri del Benaco, with its characteristic villages, its typical products and their colors.

Among the courtyards and stone districts that characterize the hilly landscape you get to San Zeno di Montagna, a natural terrace where you can admire the view and enjoy the magic that only Lake Garda can give. Continue to the parish church, where you will understand why this village is called the "balcony of Lake Garda".

Do not miss, in this area, the taste of typical and indigenous cheeses, which even today the various dairies produce according to the ancient Cimbrian tradition. We leave the hills to return to the long lake up to Torri del Benaco, a small charming fishing village.

The most representative building is the Scaliger Castle built in 1383 by Antonio della Scala, to defend its possessions against the expansionist ambitions of the Visconti of Milan. Continuing north we arrive at Brenzone, a young town in a vast territory of the north-east of Lake Garda, composed of numerous small villages scattered between the mountain slopes and the lake.

Among the most important countries we can mention Sommavilla, Porto, Assenza where, during the First and Second World Wars, on the opposite island there was a military deposit and, finally, Maringa and Castelletto, the larger countries.

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