In this chapter we discuss one of the most traditional and simple areas of the whole of Lake Garda, a small pretty village, Lazise.

Lazise, ​​a small and charming village of Lake Garda, attracts many travelers from all over the world thanks to its characteristics and peculiarities. This small village, of clear medieval character, seems to fully enjoy its size, since it is all gathered around its small port and well protected by its castle. In fact, it is thanks to the castle, to its walls erected by the Scaligeri, that it soon became an important commercial and port basis for both Scaligeri and Venice, which maintained a great arsenal here.

The Castle of Lazise, ​​one of the best preserved castles of Garda, was built before the year 1000 to defend the incursions of the Hungarians and, currently, belongs to the Bernini family. It can not be visited. The Church of San Nicolò, overlooking the water of the small port, is in Romanesque style and dates back to the XIII century. Inside it preserves frescoes attributed to Giotto's school.

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