In this chapter we discuss the town of Garda, a place very popular with tourists for its attractions and typical products.

After the large bay, the lake begins to close in the vicinity of the town of Garda, bounded on the north by Monte Luppia, which descends to the lake to form the sublime Punta San Vigillio. The city, thanks to its strategic position and its fortress, the Rocca di Garda, was the perfect place for defense and military observations, especially during the period of the barbarian invasions and, over time, its importance became such that it gave its own name to the entire lake, until then called "Lacus Benacus" as decided in Roman times.

From the medieval period, the town preserves ancient buildings, arches, vaulted passages, narrow alleys and unexpected little squares among which it is pleasant to get lost. Interesting to see are the Palazzo dei Capitani, in the square in front of the port, the Porta dell'Orologio, so called for the clock and the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore that contains frescoes of the fifteenth century.

This beautiful city has managed throughout history to maintain the appearance of the original fishing village, although it has become one of the main tourist centers of the east coast of the lake.

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