In this chapter we discuss one of the most famous and characteristic medieval cities of the Veneto region, surrounded by imposing crenellated walls: Soave.

The medieval town of Soave is all enclosed between the high walls that descend from the castle and the green hills of vineyards from which the famous wine comes to life. The first settlements date back to the Stone Age although, officially, it was founded by the Swabians, an ancient population of the north. It is thought, in fact, that the name of this wonderful town derives from this population, which was called in Latin Suaves.

A typical military construction of the Middle Ages is the Castello, a work by the Scaligeri family, which dominates the plain below thanks to its strategic position on Monte Tenda, which can be reached both by car and on foot, through a small road that starts from Piazza dell'Antenna in the center of the medieval village.

Nestled between the hills and volcanic soils, these generous lands offer tourists various typical products, including the famous white wine, recognized worldwide thanks to its straw yellow color and its intense and delicate aroma.

The Soave DOC area includes various municipalities spread throughout the territory, while in the specification of Classico it is reserved for the product obtained from grapes vinified in the municipalities of Soave and Monteforte d'Alpone, the so-called historical area of ​​Soave white wine.

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