Cologna Veneta

In this chapter we deal with a small and curious city in the province of Verona, which hides treasures not to be missed, Cologna Veneta.

Cologna Veneta is a small town located among the green crops south of the province of Verona and has always played an important role in the agricultural world. Known all over the world for its nougat, a refined Christmas cake. To see:

  • - Torre Civica, built in 1555, was originally one of twelve towers with two wooden floors of the city walls of Cologna;
  • - Palazzo Pretorio, former residence of Praetors and Governors of Cologna, seems to have been built at the behest of the last representative of the Scaligera dynasty Cansignorio della Scala;
  • - Castello Scaligero, built around the eleventh century, was used to host the dominions that governed Cologne. Around 1200 it was destroyed by the Montecchi Guelfi, the predominant faction of the Republic of Verona.

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