Juliet’s House

In this chapter we discuss one of the symbols of the city of Verona, a place known all over the world, the Juliet's house

Juliet's House

Juliet's House is located a few steps from Piazza delle Erbe at 27 Via Cappello where, according to history, Romeo Montecchi climbed the balcony to reach his beloved Giulietta Capuleti.The tragic story written by the Vicenza-born writer Luigi da Porto around 1520, inspired countless poems, films, ballets, dramas and tragedies, including those of William Shakespeare and that of the poet and writer Dante Alighieri, who in a purgatory canto referred to these two families.

A bronze statue stands out in the courtyard of the house. It is a reproduction made to perfection of the original made in 1969 by the sculptor Nereo Costantini and then placed there in 1972.  Rubbing the right breast of this statue brings good fortune for those who are unlucky in love.

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