Sant Erasmo Island

In this chapter we deal with a unique and very characteristic place, not very frequented by tourists and still natural, the Sant Erasmo Island.

The Sant Erasmo Island, with a circumnavigation of about 9 kilometers, is the largest in the lagoon. To visit it well, you should have a bicycle to go through the gardens and cultivated fields and admire some suggestive glimpse of this beautiful island. Just look at it to understand why it was and, still is, the vegetable garden of the city of Venice.

In fact, its vegetables are still sold on the counters of the Rialto markets. The violet artichoke is the undisputed king of the island and certainly one of the most loved products. Sant'Erasmo, artistically, does not offer much to see but its natural beauties and its summer sunsets on the lagoon are priceless.

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