San Michele Island

In this chapter we will deal with the San Michele Island, a characteristic place to contemplate the passage of time and where silence dominates.

In the city it was used to bury the bodies of the Venetians around the parish churches, in some field or even inside the churches themselves. In 1806, following a decree by Napoleon, for reasons of hygiene and space, the corpses were destined for the islands of San Cristoforo and San Michele, which became real cemeteries. When the cemetery began to expand, in 1829, the friars taking care of the site filled the canal that connected the two islands, connecting them in a definitive way.

The cemetery, currently occupies most of the San Michele Island, is closed by high red brick walls and is all adorned with green cypress trees. Near the landing point of the ferry we find the church of San Michele designed by Mauro Codussi around 1469. This was the first church in Venezia to be covered in Istrian stone and turned out to be one of the most beautiful Renaissance buildings in the city. Writers and artists of world renown rest on this island next to the Venetians.

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