Murano Island

In this chapter we treat one of the most famous places in the world, glass processing is known everywhere, do not miss the Murano Island.

The Murano Island is probably as famous as Venezia itself thanks to its well- known glass, appreciated and envied around the world. It is the center of glass processing since 1291, when it was decided to move there the furnaces and, consequently, the artisans, on the Murano Isalnd, to contain the risks of fire and the unpleasant effects that the smoke could cause.

Thanks to the importance of the glass industry, the island had its own council and its governor from 1272 to 1797, the year in which Venezia was conquered by Napoleon. Between the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries became the main glass center in Europe, all its craftsmen enjoyed unprecedented privileges but, for those who left the island to settle elsewhere, heavy punishment was foreseen, including the death penalty.

Do not miss the Regata di Murano, an event that takes place on the first Sunday in September, where you can test the skill in rowing a gondola with one oar. The brightly colored gondolas are a unique show and the arrival of the race is one of the most exciting moments in the Venezia sports calendar.

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