Lido of Venezia

In this chapter we will discuss one of the most famous islands and controversies of Venezia, driven by the film festival, the Lido of Venezia.

The Lido of Venezia is a thin 12 km long strip of sand that forms a natural barrier between the Venezia lagoon and the sea. It is said that this is the less Venetian island of the lagoon because before the nineteenth century the Lido of Venezia was a simple dune, a wild place to organize outdoor parties during the summer, especially under the full moon.

Today, this residential suburb, thanks to many hotels, is the place where locals and tourists go for sunbathing and having fun. Furthermore, film lovers come to the Lido every year at the end of the summer for the International Film Festival. The first edition was held in 1932 and was so successful that the Cinema Palace was built four years later. Throughout history, the event has attracted many important names from the world of cinema, but has also had to face challenges. Despite this, even today, it remains one of the most important events at national and international level.

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