San Donà di Piave

In this chapter we discuss one of the most important cities of Venice, a way of passage of the province, San Donà di Piave.

San Donà di Piave, nestled in the low Venetian plain, is located a few kilometers from the Venetian lagoon, is divided by the river Piave following the hydraulic interventions implemented by the Serenissima in the sixteenth century. The name of the city derives from San Donato Vescovo , died in a victorious crusade in the Holy Land.

The fame of this saint, in a short time, spread rapidly, so that to make it a burden and glory a chapel was built along the river Piave. Around 1550, however, due to a terrible flood the course of the Piave was modified and the ancient chapel remained on the opposite bank of the river, in the municipality of Musile di Piave.

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