In this chapter we discuss one of the most fascinating, elegant and characteristic cities of the province of Venezia, Noale.

Noale is a quiet town in the Venetian hinterland with numerous artistic beauties and strong traditions. The palaces and churches of the historic center testify to an important past, closely linked to the stories of Treviso and Venezia. Noale preserves a typical urban design of the fortified city, thanks to its defense system based on the use of water. Among the most prestigious monuments of the city we find: Mocenigo Palace, Loggia Palace and the Arcipretale Church of Saints Felice and Fortunato, which preserves works by Sansovino and Palma the Younger.

Do not miss the three days of celebration set up for Pentecost, in memory of the Treviso domination. The traditional event is divided into various events: the procession of costumed figures, the race of the Palio, in which participate the seven districts, the ceremony of the Golden Bala, reserved for young eighteen and the spectacular fire of the Tower.

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