Concordia Sagittaria

In this chapter we will discuss one of the most beautiful and fascinating cities in the province of Venice, the famous Concordia Sagittaria.

Concordia Sagittaria, founded in 42 bC, was an extraordinary Roman military colony with the name of Julia Concordia. Located a few kilometers from Portogruaro, in the province of Venezia, this marvelous city is located at the intersection of two important Roman communications roads: Via Annia and Via Postumia. The ancient city preserves sections of the walls, traces of urban structures, such as the theater, the forum, the baths and part of a bridge, on which Via Annia passed.

The term "Sagittaria" was given to the city recently with the purpose of remembering that, in Roman times, there was a factory of arrows for the Roman army, ("sagitta" which in Latin means "arrow"). Concordia Sagittaria actively participated in the life of the Roman Empire and was involved in wars to counteract the invasions of the Huns of Attila. Worthvisiting are the Baptistery, the Basilica, built to preserve the relics of several saints, the Walls and the Roman Bridge built in the Augustan age.

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