In this chapter we discuss one of the most beautiful, curious and characteristic cities of the province of Venezia, a real precious jewel, Chioggia.

Chioggia, also known as “the small Venezia”, dates back to Roman times when the inhabitants of the Venetian hinterland settled here to escape the barbarian invasions. All this is demonstrated by the geometric pattern that characterizes the city formed by: a "Cardo", or the current Corso del Popolo, and by a "Decumanus", that is, a system organized on two main orthogonal axes that meet at the center of the city.

This Venetian strip, overlooking the Adriatic Sea, will surprise you and the magic of the streets between the picturesque canals San Domenico and Lombardo will make your trip unique, also walking along the port, you can still admire docked at the pier the "bragozzi", typical boats brightly colored.

In the early morning, from Tuesday to Sunday, the characteristic and historic fish market of Chioggia takes place in the Pescheria, supplied directly and daily by the fishermen returning from the sea. Also not to be missed is the Palio della Marciliana, which takes place in mid-June with historic processions between the districts of the city and the famous Sagra del Pesce, which celebrates the flavors of the sea along Corso del Popolo in mid-July.

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