In this chapter we treat the beautiful beach of Sottomarina, located a few steps from the wonderful historic city of Chioggia.

Sottomarina, a tourist resort overlooking the Adriatic Sea, is nestled between the Venice lagoon and the Po Delta Regional Park and is also just a few steps away from the wonderful city of Chioggia and its historic center which dates back to 'Roman times.  Its strategic location and the many services offered to tourists make it a very popular and desired place to spend even a weekend away from home.

Its beach, about 10 kilometers long and even 300 meters deep, is located in the southernmost part of the Venetian coast and is bordered to the south by the mouth of the Brenta river and to the north by the port of San Felice. This, moreover, is particularly loved for the quality of its very fine sand, ideal for hot sand baths and for a perfect tan. Furthermore, the town is enriched by the tourist center of Isola Verde; located in the stretch of coastline that continues southwards, from the mouth of the Brenta river to that of the Adige river.

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