Eraclea Mare

In this chapter we will discuss a small and pleasant tourist resort on the Venetian coast, welcoming and quiet, Eraclea Mare.

Eraclea Mare is the ideal place for a peaceful holiday in contact with nature, far from the big hotels and the most lively tourist locations. Set in a natural oasis, its beautiful beach is three kilometers long, washed by clear water and surrounded by an ancient pine forest which is a natural paradise to be proud of. For several years, it has been awarded by the Fee Italy (Foundation for Environmental Education) the prestigious recognition of "Blue Flag" for the quality of its bathing waters, for the beach, for its old pine forest and for the services offered to tourists.

Famous is the natural reserve of the Laguna del Mort, located in the most western part, where on horseback or feet, you can reach suggestive and hidden corners of the lagoon, completely immersed in the nature of the Venetian coast. The area of ​​the lagoon has an area of ​​125 hectares and is surrounded by the characteristic clayey-sandy shores. Furthermore, the whole area is populated by a fauna and flora peculiar to the wetlands.

This wild area was formed following the natural deviation of the Piave river in 1935, when, from its artificial course which led to Marina di Eraclea, it changed direction due to a great flood. On 5th October, in fact, the river overflowed, abandoning its old bed and flowing into a new road, the current estuary at Cortellazzo. Even today this unexpected deviation causes rigidity and tensions between the two municipalities of Eraclea and Jesolo, because in the past the border was represented by the course of the Piave river, that is in the current Laguna del Mort.

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