Cavallino Treporti

In this chapter we discuss one of the most interesting and curious areas of Italy, located near Venice, Cavallino Treporti.

Cavallino Treporti, a very strategic tourist resort, consists of a peninsula that separates the northern part of the Venetian lagoon from the Adriatic Sea. Located between the sea and the lagoon, near the enchanting island of Venice, this area is a natural park of undeniable beauty, full of sandbanks, fishing valleys, cultivated gardens, historic villages, military architecture and sandy beaches. This area, moreover, is well-known for the fact that species of fauna and flora of different environments, the lagoon and the marine one, coexist and interact. The mouth of the Sile river separate this quiet area from the lively Lido di Jesolo, which runs into the old bed of the Piave river, for this reason also known as the Piave Vecchia.

The Cavallino Treporti coastline has been awarded with both the "Blue Flag" and the "Green Flag". The first recognizes the quality of the services offered, the safety of the territory and the quality of bathing water, the second, instead, is assigned by Italian pediatricians to the beaches considered excellent for families traveling with children. Two awards that support the particular attention that is given to the holidays of children and teenagers and to the sustainability of the territory. The beach, about 15 kilometers long, is made of fine golden sand, which slopes gently down to the sea, offering everyone the opportunity to have fun, to play in complete peace or to relax with a good book under the umbrella.

Among the most ancient testimonies that have been found on the peninsula, thanks to the archaeological excavations in the village of Lio Piccolo, we find splendid mosaic floors found in two Roman houses submerged by the lagoon waters. Once the Roman Empire fell, these lands became a safe haven for inland populations who, however, were forced to flee following the barbarian invasions. Here the ancient Venetians used to raise their own horses, this over time determined the origin of the name of the peninsula.

The lagoon of Venice has been for centuries the protagonist and spectator of the history of this enchanting territory, characterized by a nature which is beautiful and very fragile at the same time. In the course of history this place has protected the ships of the farmers that once went to the famous fruit and vegetable market of Rialto to sell the various products, saw the rise of wooden stilts, ancient colonial houses and also helped to defend the borders during the Great War through the construction of forts, barracks and bunkers. To visit the Vittor Pisani artillery, dating back to 1912, armed with medium-range howitzers, which was in service during the First World War and hosted an anti-aircraft artillery position during the Second World War. Today it is a museum, a meeting place for events and a study center.

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