San Pantalon Church

In this chapter we will discuss one of the most beautiful churches in Venezia, its ceiling will go beyond all your expectations, the San Pantalon Church.

The San Pantalon Church is one of the few churches in Venezia to have an incomplete façade and, probably, it is precisely due to this fame. The main feature of this church of the late seventeenth century is its ceiling: dark, threatening and characterized by significant illusionistic effects. According to some, it is the largest painting on canvas in the world and includes a total of forty scenes depicting the martyrdom and apotheosis of the physician Saint Pantaleone.

Unlike other ceiling decorations, moreover, here it seems that the events depicted fall directly on the walls and on the spectators. The creator of all this is the artist Gian Antonio Fumiani, who spent 24 years, from 1680 to 1704, to complete this masterpiece.

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