The Soranzo Palace

In this chapter we are dealing with one of the most elegant, refined and characteristic buildings in the San Polo District: Palazzo Soranzo.

The Soranzo Palace, dating back to the beginning of the fifteenth century, dominates Campo San Polo. Nowadays, apparently, looks like a single building, but in the past it was formed by two buildings. At first glance it may seem strange that the main façade, once decorated by Giorgione's frescoes, is turned towards land rather than water, but reality is very different.

If you look carefully, in fact, it is still possible to see the traces of the stream that ran in front of the building until 1761, when it was then diverted. Here, he was hosted by the doge Giovanni Soranzo, the writer Dante Alighieri, while the young Giacomo Casanova was hired as a violinist for a three-day party held in the palace, where he met an elderly senator who adopted him as his son.

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