The Venezia Carnival

In this chapter we discuss one of the most heart-felt and most colorful events in the world, the famous Venezia Carnival.

The Venetian's propensity for intrigue manifests itself fully during the famous Venezia Carnival, one of the most popular and well-known festivals in the world that had the meaning "the farewell to meat", as it precedes the abstinence of the pre-Easter period .

This event, celebrated in Venice for the first time in the eleventh century, consisted of two months of revelry and wilderness, where parties and banquets spread, masks and costumes that ensured anonymity and made any social distinction disappear. A carefree period that enveloped the city, free from prejudices and daily habits, where actors and spectators joined in this great stage of shapes and colors. Today, however, many events are organized in which everyone can participate by buying their own mask and enjoy, so, the show that only this city can offer, or simply admiring and photographing the various parades of traditional costumes held in San Marco Square.

The main day is that of the first Sunday where, in a guise similar to the original one, an artist secured with a metal cable makes the descent from the belfry of the bell tower of San Marco to the square full of people in celebration, the famous "Flight Angel ". Do not miss the Venezia Carnival because it can offer unforgettable moments in a truly memorable setting.

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