The Clock Tower

In this chapter we discuss one of the symbols of San Marco Square, for centuries it has marked the hours of the city, the sumptuous Clock Tower.

The Clock Tower is a Renaissance building located on the north side of San Marco Square above the vaulted passage leading to the Mercerie, (a network of narrow, noisy streets full of small shops and boutiques).

At the top of the tower, the bronze statues of the two Moors beat the bell every hour while below, the clock face in blue enamel and gold leaf shows the hours, the day, the moon phases and the zodiac to the navigators , although today, the latter is put into operation only during the Ascension Week and the day of the Epiphany. According to a dark legend, once the construction of the tower and its complex mechanism had been completed, the two inventors had their eyes cut off so that they could no longer build others.

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