San Marco Square

In this chapter, we’ll show you the drawing room of Europe, an elegant, controversial and evocative square, San Marco Square.

Known as "the most beautiful drawing room in Europe", San Marco Square has been the scene of splendid religious processions, political activities, craft fairs and countless Carnival parties, but was also a witness to the saddest and bitter moments of the city. Hundreds of paintings represent the square in all its aspects and, despite everything, has never ceased to fascinate artists and visitors. The heart of the lagoon city is renowned all over the world for its beauty and architectural integrity.

It is surrounded on three sides by elegant buildings, today seats of important Venetian magistrates, on the opposite side, instead, we find the marvelous Basilica of San Marco and, to the right of the latter, we find the Piazzetta San Marco, enclosed between the Ducale Palace and some coffee bars. On this side the square faces directly onto the water with a very suggestive scenic result and on which stand the columns of San Marco and San Tommaso. It is the only urban space in Venezia that takes the name of the square, since all the other similar spaces are properly defined fields.

The characteristic white marble lines, designed by Andrea Tirali, are not random decorations, as they were used to indicate the points assigned to the benches during the fairs. Merchants from all over the eastern Mediterranean arrived in Venezia for the Ascension fair, offering a wide range of perfumes and cosmetics of all kinds, inlaid mirrors, embroidered velvets and other precious goods.

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