The San Marco District

In this chapter we discuss in detail the area of Venezia most famous and admired by tourists from around the world, the San Marco District.

The San Marco District is the oldest and most famous area of ​​Venezia, its monuments, its palaces and its works of art, still testify to the pride and power of the Serenissima. Although this district is the lowest point of the city, and therefore often subject to tides, it is here that the first inhabitants settled, starting to cultivate and build on this small island, perhaps, also thanks to its strategic position between the continental area and the lagoon. Once, where today stands San Marco Square, a Rio flowed which divided two churches one in front of the other, the first, an oratory dedicated to the patron San Teodoro, which stood on the site where today we find the famous basilica, and the second, a sanctuary dedicated to San Geminiano, located on the other side of the square, near the Correr Museum.

In the year 828, an event definitively marked the fate of the square, making it the political and religious heart of the city. At that time, the good fishermen from Malamocco and Rustego da Torcello, stole from Alexandria of Egypt the body of San Marco Evangelista, taking it to Venezia. Since then the saint became the patron saint of the city, and the most modest San Teodoro was deposed with his oratory, replacing it with the sumptuous basilica, where the corpse is still preserved. The Sestiere, which today extends from the San Marco Basin to the Rialto Bridge, is not only the geographical center of the island, but the pure essence of Venezia.

We have divided the San Marco District into the following chapters:

San Marco Square

San Marco Square - San Marco District 

Has been the scene of splendid religious processions, political activities, craft fairs and countless Carnival parties...

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San Marco Bell Tower 

San MArco Bell Tower - San Marco District

The first bell tower was built between 888 and 912 and was used as a beacon for navigators. Later he took...

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The Basilica of San Marco

Basilica of San Marco - San Marco District 

Has the form of a Greek cross, is covered by five large domes and other smaller dome-shaped domes and is...

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The Ducale Palace

The Ducale Palace - San Marco District

In the eighth century the first inhabitants of Venezia, still dominated by the Byzantine Empire, decided to be governed by a doge...

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The Clock Tower

The Clock Tower - San Marco District 

Is a Renaissance building located on the north side of San Marco Square above the vaulted passage leading to the Mercerie...

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Gran Theater La Fenice

The Gran Theater La Fenice - San Marco District 

Is located west of  San Marco Square, in a labyrinth of alleyways and fields to be explored, where you can find quaint shops...

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The Basilica of San Giorgio Maggiore

The Basilica of San Giorgio Maggiore - San Marco District 

Is located in the small island of San Giorgio Maggiore and overlooks the San Marco basin. The church and monastery...

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The Venezia Carnival

The Venezia Carnival - San Marco District

One of the most popular and well-known festivals in the world that had the meaning "the farewell to meat"...

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Contarini of Bovolo Palace

Contarini Bovolo Palace - San Marco District 

Represents a superb taste for decoration and engineering skill. Do not miss the chance to discover small corners of...

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