Basilica Santa Maria of Salute

In this chapter we discuss one of the most beautiful, prestigious and characteristic buildings in Venezia, the Basilica Santa Maria of Salute.

The Basilica Santa Maria of Salute was built as a mark of gratitude for the end of the plague in 1630, (from this fact derives the name "of Salute"), based on a project by Baldassare Longhena, who in this work expressed the best of his engineering genius to design it, he also took inspiration from the models of Palladio. This basilica is one of the most famous and important architectural cornerstones of Venezia, thanks to its octagonal baroque style and the large hemispherical dome.

Inside, the lines that converge under the dome form a special vortex in the inlaid marble floor, in the center of which there’s a point that is said to emanate healing energy. Among the most important works we find "The wedding of Cana" by Tintoretto, "Saint Mark enthroned with the saints Cosma and Damiano, Rocco and Sebastiano" by Tiziano.

On the ceiling, instead, we find three square frescoes "Cain and Abel", "Sacrifice of Isaac" and "David and Goliath", always original works by Tiziano. Finally, you cannot stop at the cloister of the seminary, where we find the Manfrediniana Art Gallery, which collects works donated by illustrious clergymen from the 13th and 19th centuries.

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