The Venezia Biennale

In this chapter we discuss one of the most controversial, modern, creative and famous events in Veneto, the Venezia Biennale

The Venezia Biennale is one of the oldest, most important and prestigious international art exhibitions in the world, so much so that in recent years it has hosted artists such as Klimt, Picasso, Mirò and Hirst. Born as a society of culture in 1895, it was intended to stimulate artistic activity and the art market in the amazing city of Venezia. Although the exhibition involves the most beautiful places in the city, it still has the purpose of promoting new artistic trends. The exhibition, which has now entered the collective culture, is able to make a sensation, to discuss and change the way we understand and make art.

The Venezia Biennale is not a simple exhibition of contemporary art, just think of the protests in 1922 for the retrospective on Modigliani, two years after his death, caused by the dissolute lifestyle of the artist from Livorno, the tensions of the 1968 Biennale, resulting in a real revolt, up to the protests in 2011 of animal rights against the work The Tourists (today called Others) by Maurizio Cattelan. At this point you cannot find excuses, you should go at least once in life.

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