The Venezia Arsenal

In this chapter we discuss one of the buildings that made the history of Venezia, a unique and strategic place, the Venezia Arsenal.

The heart of the maritime power, The Venezia Arsenal was founded in the 12th century and expanded a lot in the following centuries, until it became the largest shipyard in the world and, above all, the first factory in the world.

Each boat had its role in the enrichment and prosperity of Venezia, although the most beautiful was undoubtedly the Bucintoro, the doge's ceremonial boat, beautifully decorated and adorned.

In the period of greatest splendor, up to sixteen thousand people were hired to build, equip and repair the great Venetian boats. The Venezia Arsenal was like a city in the city, with workshops, warehouses, laboratories, foundries and piers, all surrounded by crenellated walls.

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