San Zaccaria Church

In this chapter we discuss one of the most spectacular and evocative buildings in the historic center of Venezia, the San Zaccaria Church.

The San Zaccaria Church was probably founded in the 7th century by St. Magno and is one of the few dedicated to an Old Testament prophet. Located in the quiet square just a step away from Schiavoni Riva, the church is a happy marriage in flamboyant Gothic style with the classicism of the Renaissance.

The artistic pearl of the interior is the famous altarpiece " Madonna Enthroned with Child and Saints" by Giovanni Bellini, with sumptuous colors and exquisite serenity, we also find "The Birth of St. John the Baptist" by Tintoretto and "The Flight into Egypt" by Giandomenico Tiepolo.

The Benedictine convent, closely connected with the church, acquired a bad reputation for the rebellious behavior of the nuns, mostly noble Venetian girls. This should not exclude that the doge went to visit them during Easter as a mark of gratitude because the convent had renounced part of his garden to enlarge San Marco Square.

The greatness of Venezia was its military and commercial power, in fact since 1104 it depended on the fleets of ships produced inside the Arsenal. Every type of craft was produced here, from light galleys destined for naval battles, to the stubby vessels that traded in the Mediterranean, in Flanders and the Black Sea.

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