Basilica Saints John and Paul

In this chapter we discuss one of the most important and prestigious buildings on the island of Venezia, the Basilica Saints John and Paul.

The Basilica Saints John and Paul, located on the homonymous campo, is one of the wonders of the city dedicated to Saints John and Paul. It was begun in 1246 on the banks of the lagoon, on a strip of land that the doge Jacopo Tiepolo had given to the Dominicans, and consecrated in 1430, after almost two hundred years of work, a few years later became the official seat of the funeral of the Doges.

The competition with the "Frari", (the Franciscans), played a fundamental role in the construction of the basilica, as the ambitious Dominicans cannot stand on the sidelines and, despite the Basilica dei Frari was being considered more attractive, this is undoubtedly a gothich masterpiece gothic you should not missed. The Basilica Saints John and Paul shows a harmonious and unfinished brick façade, finished in white stone, a marble portal full of Gothic and Renaissance elements and on its top statues and pinnacles. The interior, solemn, majestic and with truly magnificent dimensions, has a cross plan on three naves, divided by huge cylindrical columns.

On the walls there are numerous monuments, including several important chapels, such as the Chapel of the Rosary with a cycle of frescoes by Veronese, and Bellini, the festive Chapel of San Domenico with works by Giuseppe Mazza and Piazzetta."San Zanipolo", as the basilica is called in dialect, closes the corner of the field with the San Marco Scuola Grande which also develops along the foundations of the Rio Mendicanti. This church is also called the Pantheon of Venezia, because it contains many funeral monuments, including 150 tombs, including 25 of the doges, some of which are excellent works of art, made by the Lombardo family and other famous sculptors of the time.

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