The Castello District

In this chapter we discuss one of the most peaceful, characteristic, controversial and interesting areas of Venezia, the Castello District.

The Castello District, the largest and most curious district in Venezia, takes its name from the 8th century fortress that once rose on the island of Olivolo, today called the San Pietro of Castello Island. The church of the island, however, was the episcopal seat from the ninth century and Venezia Cathedral from 1451 to 1807 and for centuries it was the most important religious center of the city.

Moreover, this district, with the great shipyard of the Arsenal that built the battleships of the unbeatable Venetian fleet, has been for a long time the pulsing heart of Venezia. The most popular area in a city that can sometimes be a bit oppressive is Schiavoni Riva, the perfect place to take a breath of fresh air in the shady gardens or on the shores of the lagoon caressed by the breeze. The Castello District, which stretches from San Marco Square to the eastern edge of Venezia, offers a wide range of opportunities not to be missed, such as a walk on the island of Sant'Elena, relax in the public gardens, a visit to the Biennale.

We have divided the Castello District into the following chapters:

Basilica Saints John and Paul 

The Basilica of Saints John and Paul - Castello District

Located on the homonymous campo, is one of the wonders of the city dedicated to Saints John and Paul...

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San Zaccaria Church

The Church of San Zaccaria - Castello District

Probably founded in the 7th century by St. Magno and is one of the few dedicated to an Old

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The Venezia Arsenal

The Venetian Arsenal - Castello District

Was founded in the 12th century and expanded a lot in the following centuries, until it became the largest...

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Santa Maria Formosa Campo

Castello District

One of the liveliest in Venezia. Its charm derives in part from its proportions and, in part, from the joyous...

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Bridge of Sighs

Castello District

Built in Baroque style of Istria in 1600 on the Rio di Palazzo, was built to connect the Ducale Palace with the New Prisons It owes its name...

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San Francesco Vigna Church

The Church of San Francesco Vigna - Castello District

One of the most impressive and important churches in Venezia, is located in the homonymous field...

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The Pietà Church

Castello District

Or Santa Maria Church of the Visitazione is bright and harmonious, built in the fifteenth century on a project...

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The Venezia Biennale

The Venice Biennale - Castello District

Is one of the oldest, most important and prestigious international art exhibitions in the world, so much so that...

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