The Venezia Ghetto

In this chapter we discuss one of the most characteristic and evocative areas of the city, do not miss the Venezia Ghetto.

In 1516 the Council of Ten decreed that all the Jews of Venezia had to be confined to a small island of Cannaregio. The term, of dialectal origin, indicated the foundries present in the district, in fact the Venezia Ghetto comes from “Geto” that indicates a cast of metal. This is where the word ghetto became universal and is still indicating e the Jewish neighborhoods worldwide.

Venezia welcomed people of different creeds and nationalities and many groups gathered in particular areas of the city, all were guarded, but the Jewish quarter was the only one closed.A visit to the small and well-designed Jewish Museum, located in the Ghetto Nuovo, is highly recommended. It provides a collection of furnishings and objects from the XVII-XIX centuries.

If you are heading towards the synagogues, you can experience a fascinating description of the life of the old Ghetto which quickly retraces the history of the neighborhood and shows the German, Spanish and Levantine synagogues, all richly decorated. On the large Campo Ghetto Nuovo, there are many souvenir shops selling glass rabbis and Hanukkah lamps.

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