The Jesuits Church

In this chapter we discuss one of the most extraordinary, majestic and incredible buildings on the island of Venezia, the Jesuits Church.

The Jesuits Church was built in the eighteenth century and consecrated as Santa Maria Assunta, the church is commonly called "the Jesuits" even if it is often confused with the Jesuits of Dorsoduro. The monumental baroque exteriors by Domenico Rossi gives only a glimpse of how rich the interiors are, full of inlays of white and green marble, they perfectly embody the idea of ​​upholstery, and deceive the view so much that you do not believe it is stone.

The canopy of the high altar refers to that of the Basilica of San Pietro in the Vatican. Do not miss the "Martyrdom of Saint Lawrence" by Tiziano and "the Assumption" by Tintoretto evoke the drama of the environment, then we find "the Guardian Angel and angels carrying the souls" by Palma il Giovane. Many experts think the church is exaggerated, but in any case, you can’t be fascinated by the incredible skill that led to its creation.

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